Peer and Family Recovery Support Services

You and your family are in the driver’s seat of our self-directed substance abuse disorder recovery program. Our Certified Recovery Support Specialists (CRS) and Certified Family Recovery Specialists (CFRS) can relate to your journey because they have been where you are now. Their goal is to support you and the people who matter to you, wherever you are in your recovery. Our non-clinical program is designed to help you and your family develop strengths, form healthier connections, and experience more satisfying lives as an outcome of our program.

Service Model

Our model is rooted in the relationship the participant develops with the CRS/CFRS who has the shared life experience of being in recovery or having a loved one in recovery. With support from our staff, the participant sets goals and develops an action plan to assess and obtain Recovery Capital.

Our Services

Personal Support: Individual coaching, mentoring, sharing, and one on one assistance with your personal goals

Informational Support: life skills and other wellness initiatives

Concrete Support: connections and referrals to basic needs assistance and other supports, such as transportation assistance.

Social Support: prosocial group activities and sober socials.

The Peer and Family Recovery Supports Program is self-directed. The date, time, duration, and frequency of interaction between staff and participants are mutually determined. There are only two requirements: 1.) An Opioid Use Disorder diagnosis and 2.) a minimum of one face-to-face interaction per month. This and other interactions can be completed utilizing technology (video chat, text, email, or phone calls) based on mutual preferences and current health guidelines and recommendations.